Turbochargers for Factory applications, Performance/Race applications and Upgrades



Turbochargers NZ Ltd is your BorgWarner Turbo Systems supplier. BorgWarner Turbo Systems own the brands Schwitzer, 3K (KKK), AirWerks and EFR (Engineered For Racing). 

It is vitally important that turbochargers are correctly matched to engines and that they are capable of the performance requirements. If the turbocharger is not correctly matched there is serious risk of costly turbocharger and/or engine damage. Turbochargers NZ Ltd have staff trained in the specialised art of turbocharger matching and can help offer you the best turbo for your needs.  


Turbochargers NZ Ltd is your New Zealand EFR by BorgWarner supplier. EFR stands for "Engineered For Racing" and these turbos have been built especially for high performance applications. BorgWarner EFR Tubochargers showcase the latest turbocharger technology including:

  • Low Inertia Turbine Wheel                            
  • Dual Ceramic Ball Bearings
  • Flexible Compressor Cover
  • Forged Milled Compressor Wheels (FMW)
  • High Flow Wastegates
  • Ease of Orientation


For more detailed information please follow this link EFR Turbo Features

Turbochargers NZ Ltd is your New Zealand AirWerks by BorgWarner supplier. The AirWerks performance line originally featured an assortment of carefully chosen K and S series turbochargers and parts to meet a wide array of high-performance engine requirements. Today the AirWerks series is a key component of the aftermarket's performance turbo segment from BorgWarner Turbos Systems. 



Turbochargers NZ Ltd is your Garrett Autherised Center (GAC) offering you factory backed sales and service for Garrett turbochargers and parts. This product range includes the popular GT and GTX Ball Bearing Turbochargers. Garrett is one of the most recognised turbocharger names in the world having been around for many decades and offer a vast range of turbochargers. Garrett cover turbochargers for engines from 0.4L to over 25L.



Turbochargers NZ Ltd is your Authorised Turbosmart stockists/dealers. Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 1997, with a range of just 2 products, Turbosmart and its unique blend of quality and reliability has become a world-wide brand synonymous with automotive performance.


Turbochargers NZ Ltd are New Zealand suppliers of Holset Turbochargers. Although Holset are not well known in the performance scene in and around New Zealand, Holset turbochargers power many high performance engines around the world. Holset produce turbochargers for Diesel engine manufactures such as parent company Cummins as well as Scania, Volvo, MAN, Tata and many many more.


Recently Turbochargers NZ Ltd began implimenting the use of Holset turbos for performance based applications. Most noteably have been the TK Bedford RaceTruck making approx 1300HP with a 12L V8 Diesel engine. The drag racing Nissan SR20DET engine in the Altered Boost Racing DragCar making over 800 wheel horsepower and a street driven Toyota Supra 2JZ making over 770 wheel horsepower on stock engine internals. Both of these petrol engines use Holset HX52 turbochargers modified by Turbochargers NZ Ltd while the V8 Race Truck is using two HX55 turbochargers.

Turbochargers NZ Ltd are New Zealand suppliers of IHI Turbochargers. IHI are the original supplier for many of the Japanese vehicles including Isuzu, Mazda, Holden and Subaru (including the flagship STi Rally bread WRX range). IHI also supply turbochargers and components to Japanese tuning houses such as APEXi, Trust and GReedy. Turbochargers NZ Ltd own and drive a 2003 Holden Rodeo 3.0TDi ute with a modified IHI turbocharger pushing close to 20psi of boost with horsepower and torque increased by over 30% and improved fuel milage at the same time.



Turbochargers NZ Ltd are New Zealand suppliers of Mitsubishi Turbochargers. Mitsubishi Heavy industries (MHI) are the original supplier for many of the Japanese vehicles including Mitsubishi (including the flagship Rally bread Evolution range), Subaru and and increasing number of European brands. MHI also supply turbochargers and components to Japanese tuning houses such as APEXi, Trust and GReedy.


At Turbochargers NZ Ltd we stock and supply Melett repair part product for some of the harder to get brands like IHI, Toyota and MHI (Mitusbishi Heavy Industries). Melett is a UK company dedicated to the repair industry and targets the hard to find product. Melett have the same high standards and source many of their parts from the same suppliers as the other turbo manufacturers. 


Upgrading your existing turbocharger is a skill Turbochargers NZ Ltd has developed over years of testing and development. If a new turbocharger is out of your price range talk to the team at Turbochargers NZ Ltd about what can be done to improve your existing turbo. Standard, original equipment turbochargers are designed to provide good throttle responce and fuel economy. In conjunction with a turbocharger overhaul, many turbochargers can be modified to offer greater overall performance across the entire rev range and in many cases (especially diesel applications) improve fuel ecomony. 








Turbochargers NZ Ltd have experiance in all turbocharger applications from industrial applications, to boats, trucks, cars, SUV's and motorbikes. Upgrades for all of these applications are offered to various levels and supporting modifications can be discussed to make for the best gains. For more information please call us on 0800 4 TURBO (Free calling within NZ) or Contact us with all your engine and current turbocharger details. Remember, the more information you give us, the better the result!



Also available are a range of accessoriesincluding wastegates, actuators, boost controllers, gastets, gasket kits, turbo luble, silicone hose, oil feed lines, v-band clamps and weld tube adaptors and many more








What our clients say


The team at Turbochargers NZ Ltd have been a huge help and their Holset HX52 turbo helps make over 800HP out of my Car Aid 66 Ltd race prepared Nissan SR20DET tuned by NZEFI. With this sort of power and the outstanding reliability, I'm continuing to lower my 1/4 mile times and edge closer to 7second times down the strip. 

Clint Lochhead - Drag Racer, Nelson