Schwitzer AirWerks S400SX4 Turbo (S480) 750-1250HP

  • Part Number: 177287, 171558, 175252, 173342
  • Model Number: Schwitzer AirWerks S400SX4 Turbo (S480) 750-1250HP
  • OEM Part Number: RE506333, RE508022, RE525341, RE507021
  • Application: John Deere Agricultural Vehicle 6125/S650.
    Performance 750-1250HP applications. Suit larger engine and/or high HP figures.
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  • Description:

    Schwitzer AirWerks S400SX4 Turbo 750HP-1250HP Performance application. This turbo uses compressor wheel with 80mm Inducer and Turbine wheel with 88mm exducer (also called S480 SX4-110/96) and a 1.32A/R twin scroll turbine housing with T6 flange. 

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